Keep Trying and Showing Up

Laveet Kaur Aulakh
2 min readDec 27, 2021

The most powerful thing you can do for you is show up everyday.

I start every show by guiding the audience through a positive mantra. You deserve this. You’re beautiful. You can do anything. It works. Because talking bad to yourself works. Words are so powerful. — Lizzo

I made my brand Kaur Mvmnt all about consistent commitment to practices that allow you to own your life because I know there will always be the downs or hard shit that you have to get through. The tides will come and go but I keep my relationship with hard work at the forefront of my mind. Why? It gives me the space to keep showing up for myself and trying no matter what the outcome.

I think that’s my superpower. We need to give ourselves the grace to try again. and again. and again. Because showing up in this world requires self encouragement, inspiration, and a lot of reflection. I still give full credit to this place inside of me that won’t quit and keeps trying even on the bad days.

Additional Thoughts

  • Learning life should not be a burden that you seek relief from. It’s a gift that keeps on giving if you pay attention and keep trying.
  • Everyday when I commit to the process of healing I am taking care of myself. Every little choice I make for my wellness is a victory. Every little thought of encouragement is a win. Every time I work on myself- I win.



Laveet Kaur Aulakh