Own Your Day Move Forward Edition #10

Laveet Kaur Aulakh
2 min readSep 26, 2022

A tribute to cycles and a weekly recap of the ups and downs of life.

A snippet from butterfly alley.

It’s been a week friends ✨ From pushing through Sunday with all this heavy stagnant energy weighing down on me 🫠 to feeling renewed and fresh come Monday 💃🏾 (I’m seeing the value in cycles) to feeling the impact of weekly soul sessions with one of my dearest friends 👯‍♀️ to “randomly” stumbling upon a beautiful butterfly painting that covered an entire building 🦋 to restarting Mad Men and enjoying it even if it’s the 4th time🫣 to learning what it means to also be kind and fair to myself.

Every choice I make matters. My steps forward aren’t always “perfect” or “right” but they show me I’m willing to show up for me in my best “messy” way. With the start of a fall, I was reminded that everything in life follows cycles and we are no exception.

Join me in bidding adieu to this past week ✌🏽


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