Perception of Self

Laveet Kaur Aulakh
1 min readAug 16, 2022

Getting to the Kaur of It with some simple truths.

Original Photograph.

It took me years to understand that how I saw myself was the most important factor in shaping my experience. I used to wait eagerly for either a nod of approval from a family member or a promotion before allowing myself to feel some sense of worth. Looking back now it is clear that what I wanted all along was to feel at home in myself. Here are some truths I picked up along the way:

  1. Be mindful of your
    perception of self. Often
    we lean too much on
    what others think before
    we tap inward.
  2. Everything does not
    warrant a reaction
    in life. Sometimes
    the best reaction
    is to have none at all.
  3. How you choose to
    live your life should be
    based on how it makes
    you feel, not on how it
    looks or feels to
    those around you.



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